Social innovation in Health

Our Focus

We seek to create an enabling environment for social innovation through increasing evidence and its uptake, fostering collaboration across all stakeholders and encouraging a culture of Nigerians solving their health challenges.

We will achieve this by partnering with the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation and with other key health actors and innovators in the public and private sectors, non-government organizations and donor communities in Nigeria through the process of identifying, learning from, and promoting social innovations in health.

Strategic plans


Identification of community-based solutions

To identify social innovations in health using agreed criteria and various avenues.


Research and case study

Research on identified solutions to identify its gaps and scalability, implementation challenges and solutions.


Training and capacity building

Build resilience by conducting needs assessment and providing essential training to promote the proliferation of social innovations to address national health challenges.

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We search and showcase Nigerian-based social innovations in health. We aim to promote the process of developing and deploying effective community-based solutions to improve health outcomes in Nigeria.

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